awesome grandfatherly knitted wool cardigan.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

brand new medium weight cardigan.
super comfortable and appropriate for our current weather.
mailbox fresh, not my colour.
fits UK6 - UK14 (meant to be oversized).
four large buttons in front, and two large pockets; one on each front flap.
also available in RED.


schuhz at / 012 321 3021.


Shoplifter Ami:


Shoplifter Tina:

Floral Tops, my vast collection of shoes and so much more!

Wait ah, when I got time I update my stuff okay :)

Shoplifter Schuhz:

I sell a lot of stuff because I'd like to buy more stuff.

Insanely impulsive shopper who seldom wears anything twice, especially vintage dresses. My stuff are most likely close to awesome brand-new-ness.

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